Resource Planning Tools

As people are the number one profitability driver in any project-oriented organisation, resource management is an operational as well as strategic parameter. Resource planning tools are an essential component of efficient internal processes to ensure that you don’t waste time, money or talent.

With personnel scheduling software such as Deltek People Planner, available stand-alone or fully integrated with Deltek Maconomy, your organisation will benefit from:

  • Increased utilisation rates.
  • More accurate estimates.
  • A move from operational to strategic planning.
  • Secure visibility across the organisation.

When it comes to managing skilled resources, planning tools can ensure that your team is organised for optimum efficiency. The focus remains on the personnel that energise your organisation.

Benefits of resource planning tools

When your key resources are people, it’s imperative that you make it easy for your employees to register time and other relevant data into your business system. For increased utilisation rates Deltek enterprise resource planning tools enable your employees to complete their registrations from familiar, shared applications.

Furthermore, a simple report that gives an overview of historic billability - i.e. out of the planned hours, how many were actually billable? - can also ensure that when people say they are ‘busy’, it really does mean they are ‘billable’.

To ensure you get your estimates right, our tools allow you to measure progress and estimate to complete directly against the baseline. This means your resource needs can be updated accordingly, overruns are accurately tracked, and project profitability is improved.

Short-term resource management and planning, combined with a narrow, siloed view, can seriously impact the bottom line. By integrating your sales pipeline system with resource planning, you can achieve a better understanding of resource impacts, both short and long-term.

Integrated resource planning applications for organisation-wide visibility

Secure visibility across your organisation provides your managers with the information they need to make the right decisions. A fully integrated resource planning solution supports everybody in your organisation in their project planning and resource-related work.

Deltek People Planner enables you to abandon local spreadsheets or local stand-alone solutions in favour of a corporate solution for project planning.

When you have a long-term overview of the capacity situation you can work smoothly between operational, tactical and strategic planning horizons and view revenue forecasts based on the plans. Move from operational to strategic planning with resource planning tools from Deltek.